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As well as recycling in the kitchen, how about a recycled kitchen?

POSTED ON 20th October 2022

During Recycle Week, we look at how changing your kitchen can be more sustainable than it may seem

This week is Recycle Week, a national campaign that seeks to galvanise the public into recycling more of the right things, more often. The kitchen can be an area of the home that produces a lot of waste and there are many things you can do to reduce this, from general packaging recycling Read more...

How much value can a good kitchen add to your home?

POSTED ON 6th October 2022

And, is it worth it?

Before we get started, we want to say that if you are considering installing a new kitchen for the sole purpose of increasing the value of your home to sell it, we are probably not the kitchen company for you. Our kitchens are very much about improving the way you live in and around the kitchen and creating a functional, yet beautiful space for you to enjoy. That Read more...

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