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Featured Kitchen: Linton

POSTED ON 8th November 2022

The newest kitchen in the range gives Shaker a more contemporary feel

Range name: Linton

Manufacturer: Daval

Style: Contemporary

Finish: Painted

All about the Linton kitchen

Linton is a brand new kitchen from Daval. With clear roots in Shaker style, the slimmer stile and rail offer Read more...

Featured Kitchen: Bramham

POSTED ON 5th September 2022

This in-frame Shaker is all about simple lines

The framed doors of this kitchen create multiple lines while remaining uncluttered and fuss-free. You could see this timeless design still looking good decades down the line and with solid wood construction, it will physically last that long too.

Range name:

Featured Kitchen: Pembroke

POSTED ON 23rd June 2022

A true modern classic!

The Pembroke kitchen has feet firmly in both traditional and modern camps, with its combination of shaker style doors and modern colour palette. The flush joints give the shaker doors an unexpected sleekness, further blurring the lines between styles and offering a truly contemporary vibe.

Range name:

Featured Kitchen: Langham/Varenna

POSTED ON 25th May 2022

An anti-bacterial kitchen?

Of all the rooms of the house, there are few that are more important to keep clean than kitchens and bathrooms. Due to a heightened appreciation of the importance of cleanliness and infection control, due to the covid pandemic, it's no wonder that the ability to keep a kitchen clean is now appearing on many new kitchen wish lists.

We have already

Featured Kitchen: Renzo

POSTED ON 20th April 2022

The kitchen with a conscience

We have recently talked about considering sustainability when choosing a new kitchen. If that is something that is important to you then the Renzo kitchen could tick all your boxes.

Range name: Renzo
Manufacturer:

Featured Kitchen: Langham

POSTED ON 13th October 2017

Showcasing our Langham kitchen

In our latest Featured Kitchen post, we’re taking a closer look at the textural and tactile Langham kitchen.

Range Name: Langham
Manufacturer: Daval
Style: Contemporary
Finish: Stone effect

Featured Kitchen: Modena

POSTED ON 30th June 2017

Showcasing our Modena kitchen

In the next of our Featured Kitchen posts we’re taking a closer look at the super sleek Modena kitchen.

Range Name: Modena
Manufacturer: Daval Furniture
Style: Modern
Finish: Painted

All about the

Featured Kitchen: Salcombe

POSTED ON 18th May 2017

Showcasing our Salcombe kitchen

While you can see a good overview of all the ranges we offer on our gallery page, we thought it would be useful to showcase individual ranges here on the blog so you can get a good feel of what they are and the options you can have with each one.

For the first of these we’re looking at the really lovely Salcombe Read more...

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