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Pin your new Kitchen

POSTED ON 25th September 2015

Using Pinterest to plan your kitchen project

Do you remember the days of Changing Rooms and other interior design programmes when their themes and ideas would be showcased using a mood board? Glued on would be photos clipped from magazines and catalogues, swatches of fabrics, notes and paint samples. Their purpose was to combine your ideas and create the ‘mood’ for the space. As Read more...

Fan of the Fast Furniture Fad?

POSTED ON 17th September 2015

With the fashion for fast furniture, is there still demand for quality?

Fast furniture fad? ‘What the f-f-f-flip is that?’ you might say. You’ve probably heard of ‘fast fashion’ – cut-price clothing that you buy cheap, wear for a season and discard. Well ‘fast furniture’ is the same principle; low-cost furniture that you use for a couple of years and then Read more...

New Fitted Bedroom Planning Guide

POSTED ON 16th September 2015

All the fitted bedroom design questions you need to think about

We now have a brand new fitted bedroom planning guide available on the site. As with the kitchen planning guide, which we have had for some time, our bedroom guide features all the key questions you need to consider when planning your new fitted Read more...

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