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Featured Kitchen: Langham/Varenna

POSTED ON 25th May 2022

An anti-bacterial kitchen?

Of all the rooms of the house, there are few that are more important to keep clean than kitchens and bathrooms. Due to a heightened appreciation of the importance of cleanliness and infection control, due to the covid pandemic, it's no wonder that the ability to keep a kitchen clean is now appearing on many new kitchen wish lists.

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Showroom? We show you in your room!

POSTED ON 13th May 2022

Home kitchen consultations offer something more bespoke

Often the first thing you do when choosing a new kitchen is start visiting kitchen showrooms to get some ideas. This is not a bad plan, and it does give you some idea of options and quality, but if the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that things don’t have to be done in the same old ways.

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