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How much value can a good kitchen add to your home?

POSTED ON 6th October 2022

And, is it worth it?

Before we get started, we want to say that if you are considering installing a new kitchen for the sole purpose of increasing the value of your home to sell it, we are probably not the kitchen company for you. Our kitchens are very much about improving the way you live in and around the kitchen and creating a functional, yet beautiful space for you to enjoy. That said, an increase in the value and appeal of your home, even several years down the line is an extra benefit and can help justify some of the cost. After all, how many lifestyle purchases see a return on investment?

Firstly, does a new kitchen add value?

It is a commonly held belief among estate agents (and they ought to know), that a good quality kitchen will potentially add between 5-15% onto the value of the property. A survey conducted by Spicerhaart, an independent network of estate agents, concluded that a new kitchen is the most worthwhile home improvement, with 71% of those surveyed stating that a new kitchen is in the top 3 value-adding endeavours. Phil Spencer, the property expert from Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location also says that if you were only going to improve one room in your home to sell it, make it the kitchen.

So, is it as simple as that?

Well, no, of course not. A new kitchen can definitely add value but there are some caveats and factors to consider:

It depends on what your current kitchen is like - If the existing kitchen is very old and tired and in a poor state of repair, then a new one will almost certainly add some value and make your house more appealing to buyers. However, if it’s already of decent quality, it may not make enough of a difference to be worthwhile.

The value it adds will be proportional to your home - A realistic expectation would be an increase of around 8% so if you are putting in a new kitchen just to sell the house, don’t spend more than this. If you are hoping to make a profit on it, spend less than that.

It can’t just be new, it needs to be decent quality - If you put a new kitchen in but try to do it as cheaply as possible, cutting corners on materials, installation, and design, it won’t add value. A poor quality kitchen, even if brand new, could even reduce value. An older, high quality kitchen is better than a new, badly done one.

What is the long term value of a new kitchen?

Of course, so far, we have mainly focused on whether it’s worth getting a new kitchen to add value for an imminent sale but this does mean a certain amount of disruption as you prepare your home for the market and having to shell out money in advance of any sale without knowing for definite whether it would make any difference may not be an option.

We think it’s better to take a step back and start from the position of buying a new kitchen to improve your home for living in. A good quality kitchen will last a really long time so choosing good design and craftsmanship now, can pay dividends in the future. So, rather than waiting until you want to sell the house to think about a new kitchen, do it now so that you can reap the long term financial gain but also enjoy the benefits of living in it (which is what it’s really about).

Think of it less as ‘spending’ and more like ‘investing’

We would never encourage anyone to spend more than they can afford on a kitchen. However, when you are making choices, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is money you may well recoup one day. And if you don’t intend to move in the foreseeable future, you still know that a good quality kitchen will last a really long time, so your money goes a long way.