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Are you looking for sustainability in your next kitchen?

POSTED ON 31st March 2022

How to ensure your kitchen is ethical as well as beautiful

There are many things that people look for in a new kitchen. Style is obviously right up there, as well as colour, materials, and, of course, cost. But are you thinking about sustainability and the impact on the planet too?

On average, people change their kitchens every 10-15 years, but it could be less than this if Read more...

Kitchen disco? Kitchen office?

POSTED ON 17th March 2022

Why post-pandemic kitchens have to be multi-functional

Kitchens have always been the hub of the home. A place to congregate and socialise as well as cook and eat. However, in this new post-pandemic era, they have had to become truly multi-purpose as we have found new ways of living and working.

How lockdowns have forced us into the kitchen more than ever

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