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The Summer Kitchen Activity Guide Part 6: Fun & Games

POSTED ON 25th August 2014

Proper Old Fashioned Children's Games

For the last in this series of summer activities we’re looking at games. Not the kind of games you see on a screen, old fashioned games you can play around the kitchen table with just a few simple items or a little imagination!

Great for all the family to join in and also good for wet weather days or even when off camping or in the Read more...

The Summer Kitchen Activity Guide Part 5: The Dreaded Homework!

POSTED ON 18th August 2014

Homework by Stealth!

Now I know what you’re thinking – who wants to do homework over the summer and I thought these guides were about having fun? Both valid points! However, summer is still a time for learning and you can sneak some homework in there without them realising that can help their learning, give them a bit of a head start for September and even have some fun in the Read more...

The Summer Kitchen Activity Guide Part 4: Arts & Crafts

POSTED ON 11th August 2014

Aprons at the Ready!

Last week we looked at creative and imaginative play and this week we’re still in a creative frame of mind but looking more specifically at arts and crafts. You don’t necessarily need to be super arty yourself; it’s more about getting stuck in and providing a creative outlet. We warn you though, if you like a pristine kitchen, this may not be for you! (We Read more...

The Summer Kitchen Activity Guide Part 3: Creative and Imaginative Play

POSTED ON 4th August 2014

Table tents and pan bands!

There’s never a better time than summer to fuel children’s imagination and give them free reign than summer holidays when they are unconstrained by time limits and school work. Encourage that imagination by creating scenarios and resources that they can build their games around right there at home.

Here are a few ideas to get you

Summer Kitchen Activity Guide Part 2: Kitchen Science

POSTED ON 28th July 2014

Science and Appliances!

If your children are more budding scientists than bakers, or you just want something fun but educational, why not try some funky science experiments that you can do with a few simple kitchen items. Younger children will enjoy the process itself and older ones can learn something from some simply explanations of the science behind them.

Here are some

The Summer Kitchen Activity Guide Part 1: Cooking and Baking

POSTED ON 21st July 2014

The Great Summer Bake Off?

Well, we had to start with the obvious one didn’t we! Lots of children enjoy cooking and baking, whether that’s toddlers stirring and squishing things or older children actually helping to make meals, cooking can be a great activity to do with kids – especially when you have a bit more time (involving kids in helping to make the family tea after Read more...

The 3Style Kitchens Summer Kitchen Activity Guide

POSTED ON 20th July 2014

Ideas to keep the kids entertained in the holidays

So, the school holidays are upon us and we have 6 weeks stretching out ahead in which to keep the children entertained and our sanity intact! Whether you’re at home with the kids full time or just a day or two each week we can all benefit from having a few tricks up our sleeves to give the children a summer of fun that they will Read more...

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