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How to save energy in the kitchen

POSTED ON 25th August 2022

Our kitchens are where we consume the most energy. Here’s how we can control that usage

As the area of the home where we cook, do laundry, wash dishes, and just spend lots of time, it tends to be one of the areas where we use the most gas and electricity. Therefore, it also offers the greatest opportunity to reduce it.

All of these activities are vital to everyday life, so we Read more...

Nah then, it’s Yorkshire Day dunt tha know!

POSTED ON 1st August 2022

Translation for non-Yorkshire folk: Good gracious, it’s Yorkshire Day today!

That’s right, today is Yorkshire Day where we celebrate everything that’s champion about God’s Own Country! We are proud to be a Yorkshire company, based in Wakefield and predominantly working within the Yorkshire County.

So what? You might say. After all, there are plenty of Yorkshire based Read more...

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