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Kitchen Trends 2023

POSTED ON 12th December 2022

10 kitchen design features people are looking for in the coming year

Kitchen design is always evolving. Often trends are cyclical and come round again and again, and sometimes they surprise even us (and we’ve been in this industry a long time). Based on what we know manufacturers are already working on, what our customers are asking for, and the buzz around the industry and design Read more...

As well as recycling in the kitchen, how about a recycled kitchen?

POSTED ON 20th October 2022

During Recycle Week, we look at how changing your kitchen can be more sustainable than it may seem

This week is Recycle Week, a national campaign that seeks to galvanise the public into recycling more of the right things, more often. The kitchen can be an area of the home that produces a lot of waste and there are many things you can do to reduce this, from general packaging recycling Read more...

How to save energy in the kitchen

POSTED ON 25th August 2022

Our kitchens are where we consume the most energy. Here’s how we can control that usage

As the area of the home where we cook, do laundry, wash dishes, and just spend lots of time, it tends to be one of the areas where we use the most gas and electricity. Therefore, it also offers the greatest opportunity to reduce it.

All of these activities are vital to everyday life, so we Read more...

Forget minimalist, how about a maximalist kitchen?

POSTED ON 21st July 2022

Layer pattern, texture, and colour to create a kitchen that is totally ‘extra’!

Where minimalism is all about paring back: clean lines, neutral colours, clear surfaces, controlled coordination, and no clutter, maximalism is the opposite. Vibrant colour, vivid pattern, contrast (possibly even clashing), and beautiful things everywhere. Minimalism is all about restraint while Read more...

How to keep your kitchen cool in a heatwave

POSTED ON 15th July 2022

If you can’t stand the heat but want to stay in the kitchen – 6 tricks to help you stay cool!

The kitchen tends to be one of the warmest rooms in the home. Great for the winter but when a heatwave strikes, it could become unbearable. The old saying goes, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” but the kitchen is often a really social space, plus you still have Read more...

How to plan your new kitchen using Pinterest

POSTED ON 17th June 2022

The free online tool that’s perfect for ideas and collaboration

A new kitchen is exciting but can be overwhelming too. Due to the investment, and to be sustainable, you need the kitchen you choose to last a really long time so design decisions that you make now, still need to appeal in 10 years or more.

So, how do you go about that when it can feel like there’s too much Read more...

What people want from a kitchen in 2022

POSTED ON 29th April 2022

How kitchens need to meet the demands of modern life

Kitchen trends come and go and, having been in the industry for 30 years, we’ve seen a fair few of them. While certain looks and styles will always go in and out of fashion, the elements that we’re being asked to incorporate these days go beyond the look of the kitchen and are about how we use and live in them, as well as Read more...

Cut down on kitchen cleaning with clever design

POSTED ON 27th April 2022

Little design hacks you can incorporate when planning a new kitchen

Kitchens tend to be the hub of the home, where multiple activities take place. Because of this, and of course because it’s where food preparation takes place, it also tends to be the room you have to spend the most time cleaning – and that’s nobody’s favourite job!

But what if we told you, there are

Create social space in your kitchen

POSTED ON 19th April 2022

A place to put the world to rights over a cuppa

21st April 2022 is National Tea Day. The event celebrates the various types of tea but also the cultural connotations of tea drinking. We are a nation of tea drinkers in the UK and there is a very sociable aspect to tea that delivers as many benefits as the anti-oxidants and powers of revival in the drink itself. After all, Read more...

Are you looking for sustainability in your next kitchen?

POSTED ON 31st March 2022

How to ensure your kitchen is ethical as well as beautiful

There are many things that people look for in a new kitchen. Style is obviously right up there, as well as colour, materials, and, of course, cost. But are you thinking about sustainability and the impact on the planet too?

On average, people change their kitchens every 10-15 years, but it could be less than this if Read more...

A Wakefield kitchen company with a Huddersfield kitchen showroom and a Harrogate kitchen showroom!

POSTED ON 29th September 2017

A Yorkshire-wide kitchen company!

It’s true we like to get around! We often get asked where our showroom is and the truth is that we don’t really have one but we do have 2 places where you can see the kitchens that we offer.

Our Huddersfield kitchen showroom

We predominantly supply Daval kitchens who

Our new kitchen gallery is here!

POSTED ON 30th August 2017

It’s never been easier to find the kitchen that you love

After many months of development, we are delighted to bring you our new kitchen gallery. It’s really pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves! What’s so great about it is the flexibility you have to search based on a range of keywords, colours and design elements. Where before we Read more...

Bringing the garden into the kitchen

POSTED ON 14th July 2016

Creating an indoor/outdoor space

We’ve covered the idea of having a ‘garden kitchen’ before: a kitchen space that has areas dedicated to growing plants and food central to its design; but in this blog we’re looking at a slightly different way of bringing the kitchen and the garden together. Where your kitchen adjoins your garden, or some Read more...

Kitchen Splashback Ideas

POSTED ON 27th October 2015

Contrasting or complementing; using kitchen splashbacks as a design feature

Kitchen splashbacks may not be the first thing you think about when designing a kitchen but they certainly have the power to change the whole feel of the space. Because splashbacks are easier and cheaper to change than a kitchen you don’t have the same pressure to choose a style that will endure 10 or 20 Read more...

Kitchen Trends: Painted Kitchens

POSTED ON 18th May 2015

The new kitchen trend that can be vintage or modern

One of the biggest trends in kitchen design at the moment is painted kitchens. After the very modern, minimalist gloss kitchens that have been popular for quite a while, the market trend seems to be moving towards a softer, more traditional style and bright white has made way to elegant neutrals Read more...

Grand Designs Live

POSTED ON 14th October 2014

Kitchen Inspiration from the Exhibition

Last week Grand Designs Live came to the Birmingham NEC. An off-shoot of the Channel 4 TV programme, it is an exhibition dedicated to home improvement and home building projects and we were there.

The show was split into 4 categories – Kitchen and Bathroom, Building, Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: White

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

White kitchens continue to be the most popular choice by customers. This is because a white kitchen acts as a blank canvas that you can add to in any way. It works equally well for very modern interiors as it does for traditional ones and you can express yourself through the style of the kitchen itself or through the colours and accessories Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Cream & Neutral

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

A cream or neutral colour kitchen can create a blank canvas just as white can but in a softer, more subtle way. Ranging from very pale, almost white cabinets to creamy lattes and taupes, these kitchens can please even the pickiest of home designers.

Modern Cream & Neutral Kitchens

The Lucido and Integra ranges still look very modern in Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Wood

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

Though more associated with contemporary and traditional kitchens, wood cabinets can equally lend themselves to modern schemes – especially with the ranges of wood finishes available to us now. Always popular, a wood kitchen feels luxurious and can look good in any size space.

Modern Wood Kitchens

Yes really! With modern woods like zebrano and walnut and high gloss finishes, Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Black & Grey

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

Black is the new white, or possibly grey. We can’t boast 50 shades but we can be dark, brooding and mysterious with our range of kitchens available in these dramatic colour schemes.

Modern Black & Grey Kitchens

The Lucido and Image kitchens in black represent the height of modernity and feel very masculine and dramatic. High gloss finish, Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Blue & Purple

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

Blue and purple kitchens? Really? Yes, we cater for a range of styles and tastes here at 3Style Kitchens and the use of colour on your kitchen cabinets not only looks visually stunning but still allows you to add colour elsewhere without overwhelming the space.

Contemporary Blue & Purple Kitchens

The Pendle range, elsewhere the confine of the traditional Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Colour Combinations

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

What do we mean by colour combinations? Well these are kitchens that have added extra interest through combining different colours and finishes within one scheme. This can help differentiate zones within the kitchen or simply tone down what could otherwise be a very modern or traditional space.

Modern Colour Combinations Kitchens

What could be a very stark modern kitchen in the Read more...

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