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We Won!!

POSTED ON 19th May 2014

3Style Kitchens wins the Home & Garden category in the Wakefield Retail Awards 2014

We’re delighted to tell you that we were announced the winners in our category (Home & Garden) at the Wakefield Retail Awards on Saturday. All the winners were announced at a swanky awards dinner and these included Time Bakery, India Coco, Wakefield Hospice and Hoops a Daisy.

The awards

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: White

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

White kitchens continue to be the most popular choice by customers. This is because a white kitchen acts as a blank canvas that you can add to in any way. It works equally well for very modern interiors as it does for traditional ones and you can express yourself through the style of the kitchen itself or through the colours and accessories Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Cream & Neutral

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

A cream or neutral colour kitchen can create a blank canvas just as white can but in a softer, more subtle way. Ranging from very pale, almost white cabinets to creamy lattes and taupes, these kitchens can please even the pickiest of home designers.

Modern Cream & Neutral Kitchens

The Lucido and Integra ranges still look very modern in Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Wood

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

Though more associated with contemporary and traditional kitchens, wood cabinets can equally lend themselves to modern schemes – especially with the ranges of wood finishes available to us now. Always popular, a wood kitchen feels luxurious and can look good in any size space.

Modern Wood Kitchens

Yes really! With modern woods like zebrano and walnut and high gloss finishes, Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Black & Grey

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

Black is the new white, or possibly grey. We can’t boast 50 shades but we can be dark, brooding and mysterious with our range of kitchens available in these dramatic colour schemes.

Modern Black & Grey Kitchens

The Lucido and Image kitchens in black represent the height of modernity and feel very masculine and dramatic. High gloss finish, Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Blue & Purple

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

Blue and purple kitchens? Really? Yes, we cater for a range of styles and tastes here at 3Style Kitchens and the use of colour on your kitchen cabinets not only looks visually stunning but still allows you to add colour elsewhere without overwhelming the space.

Contemporary Blue & Purple Kitchens

The Pendle range, elsewhere the confine of the traditional Read more...

A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Colour Combinations

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

What do we mean by colour combinations? Well these are kitchens that have added extra interest through combining different colours and finishes within one scheme. This can help differentiate zones within the kitchen or simply tone down what could otherwise be a very modern or traditional space.

Modern Colour Combinations Kitchens

What could be a very stark modern kitchen in the Read more...

The 3Style Foodie Blog – May

POSTED ON 1st May 2014

Welcome to the 3Style Foodie Blog for May

May brings us zingy fruits and vegetables, fancy food photography, a look forward to The Big Lunch, oh and have we mentioned we’ve been short listed for an award?...

Season’s Eatings – what foods are in season for May?

We’re focusing on the stronger flavours that are in season this month – the ones that often people Read more...

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