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How did your kitchen cope with Christmas?

POSTED ON 2nd January 2023

Christmas is often the greatest test for a kitchen that’s no longer fit for purpose

You did it; Christmas is pretty much done. All the hosting, cooking, and general feasting are now complete and you did yourself proud. However, how did your kitchen measure up?

This time of year is peak time for demand on your kitchen with the big dinners to try and find oven space for, having Read more...

How much value can a good kitchen add to your home?

POSTED ON 6th October 2022

And, is it worth it?

Before we get started, we want to say that if you are considering installing a new kitchen for the sole purpose of increasing the value of your home to sell it, we are probably not the kitchen company for you. Our kitchens are very much about improving the way you live in and around the kitchen and creating a functional, yet beautiful space for you to enjoy. That Read more...

Showroom? We show you in your room!

POSTED ON 13th May 2022

Home kitchen consultations offer something more bespoke

Often the first thing you do when choosing a new kitchen is start visiting kitchen showrooms to get some ideas. This is not a bad plan, and it does give you some idea of options and quality, but if the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that things don’t have to be done in the same old ways.

We don’t have a showroom

Kitchen disco? Kitchen office?

POSTED ON 17th March 2022

Why post-pandemic kitchens have to be multi-functional

Kitchens have always been the hub of the home. A place to congregate and socialise as well as cook and eat. However, in this new post-pandemic era, they have had to become truly multi-purpose as we have found new ways of living and working.

How lockdowns have forced us into the kitchen more than ever

Since the

Houzz Kitchen Trends Report

POSTED ON 13th February 2017

All the latest kitchen design insights from home design experts, Houzz

If you haven’t heard of Houzz, it is a Read more...

Does a new kitchen add value to your home?

POSTED ON 25th August 2016

And does a good kitchen influence potential buyers?

It’s an interesting question isn’t it. We wouldn’t suggest putting one of our kitchens in just to increase the value as the main benefit of a high quality kitchen such as ours is the enjoyment of using it and the way it enhances your lifestyle. That said, when making an investment in our homes it’s an extra benefit that Read more...

Trust us: we’re Kitchenologists!

POSTED ON 12th May 2016

Is a new kitchen supplied by a general builder a great money saver or a false economy?

Often, when you’re in the market for a new kitchen, we’ll talk about it to friends, family and colleagues as we work through our thoughts on what we want and in the process of doing so we’ll often get comments about what they like, kitchens they’ve seen and where you can buy one from. In Read more...

Garden Kitchens

POSTED ON 21st January 2016

The Growing Kitchen Trend for Kitchen Growing

We’re all familiar with the idea of a kitchen garden – an outdoor space, whether your own garden or an allotment, dedicated to growing food to eat – but there is a growing trend (literally) for garden kitchens – dedicating areas of your kitchen space to growing edible and decorative plants.

Growing a few pots of herbs on the

Buying a Kitchen, 3Style

POSTED ON 27th November 2015

The way we like to sell a kitchen (and the way we don’t!)

The whole process of buying a new kitchen is quite a big undertaking and it’s important that you feel happy with the company you choose. You can buy a new kitchen from a range of providers from a local joiner who dabbles in kitchens through to a national (or even international) chain of Read more...

Micro Kitchens

POSTED ON 20th October 2015

Big ideas for saving space in small kitchens

When we look at most kitchen ideas on websites, in showrooms and in kitchen brochures the majority of them are nothing short of palatial – huge sprawling kitchens that showcase the best of what that company offers. That’s great for giving you an idea on what’s available but if your kitchen is more like Harry Potter’s bedroom under Read more...

Pin your new Kitchen

POSTED ON 25th September 2015

Using Pinterest to plan your kitchen project

Do you remember the days of Changing Rooms and other interior design programmes when their themes and ideas would be showcased using a mood board? Glued on would be photos clipped from magazines and catalogues, swatches of fabrics, notes and paint samples. Their purpose was to combine your ideas and create the ‘mood’ for the space. As Read more...

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