Kitchen Wish List Guide – start planning your dream kitchen!

Your dream kitchen is probably something that you’ve planned for some time; perhaps you’ve seen something you like here on our website, maybe you have created a Pinterest board, or perhaps you have seen elements you like when vositing friends and family?

As prepared as you think you are often when it comes down to making decisions it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide to help focus your thoughts and give you a good starting point.

  1. Looking at your existing kitchen, what elements would you like to keep the same? Consider the following:
    1. The layout – does it work well now?
    2. Appliances – you may want to keep existing appliances in your new kitchen (we don’t believe it throwing expensive items away for the sake of it!) or want newer models of the appliances you have
    3. Features – eg island unit, built in wine rack, plate rack, towel holders, storage devices etc
  2. What don’t you like about your existing kitchen? Such as:
    1. The layout
    2. Style/colour
    3. Storage
    4. Appliances
    5. Decorative detail
  3. What style are you particularly drawn to? See:
    1. Modern – clean lines, minimalist
    2. Contemporary – modern feel with some decorative features
    3. Traditional – classic style, high on decorative detail
  4. What appliances do you want? Think about:
    1. Makes/manufacturers
    2. Usage (eg families may want a full size dish washer, keen cooks may want a double oven etc)
    3. Integrated or free standing?
    4. Luxury appliances/gadgets eg coffee machine, warming drawer, wine fridge etc
  5. Storage. Consider:
    1. How much do you require?
    2. Would you like traditional drawers, in-cupboard storage or a combination?
  6. Details. For example:
    1. Which side of the sink you want your drainer on
    2. Double sink or single
    3. Display areas
    4. Worktops, handles and opening mechanisms
  7. Practical considerations
    1. The space you have
    2. Position of plumbing/waste
    3. Position of windows, doors, walls etc
  8. Services. Do you want?:
    1. Full project management – supply, install and handle all trades including electrical, plumbing, building, tiling and decoration (where relevant)
    2. Supply and fitting only
    3. Supply only
  9. Other considerations. How important are the following?:
    1. Sustainability
    2. Recycled materials
    3. Long lifespan
    4. Minimal plastic
    5. Space for working/socialising/other non-kitchen functions

Our Tips

Start with your dream kitchen – everything you could possibly want. It will most likely be beyond your budget but we can help you prioritise and tweak it to make sure you get the things that you really want for the budget you’re comfortable spending. Have a look around at everything that could inspire you. This can help you visualise your kitchen and give you a clearer idea of the look and feel of your kitchen. You could even collect other objects that have features you’d like in a kitchen such as a certain style, eg Shaker or vintage, colour schemes, finishes etc – it doesn’t even have to be kitchen related!

tips for planning a new kitchen

Of course you don’t have to have all the answers. When you book a consultation with us we take you through the whole process and help you make these key decisions by giving you options – everything is flexible and because Daval manufacture kitchens to order we can pretty much design your kitchen around you.

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