Kitchens for How You Live

Your kitchen should be as individual as you are. If your kitchen is designed properly with you in mind it shouldn’t be like anybody else’s kitchen, it should be precisely and uniquely yours. Our kitchens are bespoke to each customer. They are not only made to measure so they accurately fit the space but they are designed with your needs, your taste and your lifestyle in mind.

A kitchen’s just the room for cooking in isn’t it? Well actually no, it’s much more than that. Yes it’s for cooking in but everybody uses theirs slightly differently – for cooking, for baking, for feeding their families, for entertaining, as a living space, as a working space etc. We take your needs and ideas on board and combine them with our knowledge and expertise to create something that just works really well for you – both functionally and visually.

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Kitchens for Cooks

Whether you are gourmet cook, a keen amateur or just like preparing food that is quick and easy, our kitchens are designed with your requirements in mind. Because all kitchens are bespoke to you we can build yours around how you use it. That could include a range cooker for catering for lots of guests or large families, a built in oven or halogen hob or a proving drawer for your home baking.

Whatever space you have we can incorporate accessories and gadgets that help you organise all your ingredients and cookware so they’re always easy to find and clear away.

Optimum Kitchen Planning for Cooks

Of course the spatial planning will be designed around the ‘golden triangle’ – the juxtaposition of the appliances and areas that are used most together. This is often the cooker, fridge and sink but actually could be anything you want. We’ll also make sure the work surface area is planned sensibly to give you the space to prepare and plate up food adjacent to your cooking area.

If you are a keen cook or baker or just want to be more smart about the way you use your kitchen then give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll give you a free consultation so you can see just what you could have for one of the most important rooms in your home.

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Kitchens for Families

Whether you have young children, teenagers or grown children who visit with the grandchildren we all know how central the kitchen is to family life. From getting everybody fed and out of the door on a morning, preparing packed lunches or rustling up the evening meal or Sunday dinner; the kitchen sees a lot of activity!

That’s why it needs to be organised well. Regardless of how much space you have to work with you need efficient spatial planning, well organised storage and all the labour saving appliances that make our lives easier to cope with the volume of cooking, washing and eating that goes on in all families on a daily basis.

We can offer that. We look at your lifestyle and consider what we can incorporate that will work best for you and your family and because we want your kitchen to work for you well into the future we take a long term approach and consider how your needs may change as the kids get older.

If your family would like a kitchen that does all this then why not let us show you what we can create for you. Call 0800 321 3491 or complete our enquiry form today.

Kitchens for Entertainers

If you are the kind of person that loves to throw a dinner party, has the family round for Sunday dinner a lot or just has a tendency to end up with extra people round the table on a regular basis then you need a kitchen that works with you, not against you! That ranges from the appliances and kitchen layout that make it easier to cater en masse to the organisation of your drawers, cupboards and other storage so that you can easily locate the ingredients for that signature dish or the store cupboard items you need in an emergency when unexpected guests turn up!

Whether it’s a beautiful kitchen diner that you can happily allow your guests to eat in or just a well organised space that enables you to get on with the job in hand then we can create something that’s perfect for you. We can also incorporate the appliances and accessories that enhance the whole experience such as wine fridges, Italian coffee machines and range cookers to name just a few.

If you (and your guests!) would like a kitchen that does all this then why not let us show you what we can create for you. Call 0800 321 3491 or complete our enquiry form today.

Kitchens for Couples

So much is made of the importance of the kitchen when you have a family but we think it’s just as central to the lifestyle of smaller households. So whether you’re a professional couple who want to cook something quickly in a beautiful, well organised kitchen after a long day at work or you’re retired and enjoy spending time in your kitchen baking or cooking for loved ones we can create a kitchen that works for your lifestyle.

We have a range of kitchen styles that you can choose from ranging from traditional elegance to the latest contemporary trends as well appliances, gadgets and accessories that make your life easier and enhance your time in the kitchen. All our kitchens are bespoke so be assured that your kitchen will be entirely unique to you.

If you’d like a kitchen that’s about you rather than what you can pick up off the shelf or what the previous owners of the house chose then let us show you what we can offer. Call 0800 321 3491 or complete our enquiry form today to book your free consultation and home survey.