Contemporary Kitchen, Ontario

Luxury in a Limited Space


Contemporary style kitchen

Rich and elegant feel

Maximise the small space

Easy to clean

Timeless design





Ontario kitchen

Walnut & Sand Beirge units

Light worktops contrasting dark units

Use of window as a feature

This was a very small room so the customer required a kitchen that maximised what little space was available. They wanted a modern, rich feel but also enough light to make the room feel bigger. They chose the Ontario kitchen, mixing 2 contrasting units together, walnut and sand beige, to create a contemporary look and an illusion of space.

The large corner window was made a feature to let in lots of light and make the view of the garden part of the overall effect, yet clever design still allowed us to include ample storage and workspace and even a breakfast bar.

The result is a kitchen that feels luxurious and maximises every part of the space.

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