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What people want from a kitchen in 2022

POSTED ON 29th April 2022

How kitchens need to meet the demands of modern life

Kitchen trends come and go and, having been in the industry for 30 years, we’ve seen a fair few of them. While certain looks and styles will always go in and out of fashion, the elements that we’re being asked to incorporate these days go beyond the look of the kitchen and are about how we use and live in them, as well as people’s values.

Here are some of the boxes that kitchens need to tick in 2022:

Be more than just a kitchen space

We’ve probably seen more changes in how we use and view our homes in the last 2 years than we have in the last 20, due to lockdowns and changes to everyday life. Having spent more time at home than ever before and changes to working routines, kitchens have to be able to flex as offices, classrooms, and social spaces.

Given the emergence of hybrid working, many are unwilling to simply find a spot on the kitchen table to place their laptop so when remodelling the space, they want something more fit for purpose building in. Plus, due to the increase in video calling, they want a professional looking backdrop too.


We find ourselves on the verge of climate crisis so the era of putting in cheap kitchens and changing them every few years cannot continue, it’s actually irresponsible. A desire for sustainability is now a key consideration in a way that we’ve never seen before. There are many ways to achieve this, and we’ve spoken about it at greater length in a previous blog, but it can include buying better quality so it lasts longer, choosing timeless style so it doesn’t date, and seeking out eco-friendly kitchens, such as those made from recycled materials.

Open display that is practical

Some people want total minimalism, with everything hidden away in cupboards, but many like to have their collected items out on display. This may be kitchenware or perhaps dried goods in lovely jars, or even their cookbooks. Open shelving obviously allows you to do this but practically speaking, these items will attract dust and debris, and we’re all much more conscious about hygiene than we ever were before the pandemic.

The compromise, therefore, is to incorporate glass fronted cabinets into the design. Often seen as the staple of a traditional kitchen in the form of a Welsh dresser or equivalent, there are some really modern styles of glass door now that look seamless in a modern or contemporary kitchen. Therefore, you can get your perfect Zoom backdrop and still save yourself the dusting!

Choosing creative ways to be creative

Given that we all want our kitchens to last for a long time, many are opting for neutral and classic style that will prove timeless rather than going for the bold colours and materials that we have seen over recent years. However, character and creativity are important so there are other ways to achieve this that can be changed more easily.

This includes combining neutral doors with quirky handles and introducing pattern and colour more through splashbacks, flooring, or even wallpaper as there are now more kitchen-appropriate options (papers that can withstand the humidity of a kitchen) emerging onto the market.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen this year, it may be several years since you have planned one so come talk to us about how kitchen design has changed since your last kitchen and help you plan one that fits in with how you live your life now. Call 01924 261036 to book a free consultation or complete our enquiry form.