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The 3Style Foodie Blog – December

POSTED ON 1st December 2014

Welcome to the 3Style Foodie Blog for December. This month’s blog is a slight departure from the usual foodie blog format as we focus on Christmas Day itself. You all know of course that sprouts and chestnuts are in season so let’s cut to the chase and make Christmas dinner the best you’ve ever done it!

Christmas Dinner Hacks

Cooking the Christmas dinner this year? If so are you relishing the opportunity to pull off a showstopper of a meal or stressing about how you’re going to cope under the pressure? Whichever camp you fall into, we could all do with some handy hints to make the day go a bit smoother and make it all a bit easier. We’ve therefore put together a few tips, or hacks as they seem to be called these days, that could relieve some of the strain and allow you to actually enjoy the day!

Elements that can be made ahead of time and frozen

Certain parts of the meal can be made even a few weeks ahead and stored in the freezer until Christmas Eve (just don’t forget to take them out!). These include:

Elements that can be bought ahead of time and frozen or stored

If you really can’t be bothered to make things like gravy and stuffing and plan to buy you can do that now, either by looking for long shelf dates or freezing. It’s best to buy them now so that you don’t risk them running out nearer to the day. The following can be bought and stored:

Just remember, if you’re planning to fill up your freezer with things, try and run it down a bit to make some space beforehand – fish fingers for tea for the next week!

Make/prepare things a few days in advance

The following items can be prepared in the days leading up to Christmas Day:

Everyone is busy at Christmas time so it’s a good idea to schedule in a prep day in advance if you plan to pre-make a few things. It’s all very well saying you can pre-make all these things if you don’t have any time to do it!

On the day

Preparation is key but it’s also good to have a few tips up your sleeve on the day to make things run smoothly

Making sprouts acceptable

I admit it, I’m not the biggest sprout lover but I have come to tolerate them over the last few years. My biggest revelation came a while back, after years of abstinence, that they don’t have to taste like bitter old water bombs after years of suffering my mum’s 4-hour-boiled abominations but still, they can use some pimping in my opinion. Here are some ideas, most of which can be prepared ahead of time, to make sprouts not just tolerable but desirable!

Creamed Brussels sprouts - cream makes everything better and then there’s bacon as well – what’s not to like!

Brussels sprouts gratin with cream, almonds and a crunchy topping

Smoky, shredded sprouts with lemon a light, lemony flavour can be a welcome addition to an otherwise quite stodgy meal (pictured)

 Good luck to one and all. We hope you have a fantastic Christmas – if it’s your first one in your new 3Style Kitchens kitchen then please let us know how it goes and what a difference it’s made to how you cook in it! Please comment on our Facebook page or on the comments here.

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