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Service with a 3Style Smile!

POSTED ON 30th January 2023

Our customers are all saying the same thing

We have recently added a couple of new customer testimonials to the website, and it’s really highlighted to us that there is a common thread running through them. To show you what we mean, here are a few extracts:

“Dean would respond almost instantly, from very early morning to very late evenings - he most definitely couldn’t be more helpful”

“As well as being a highly skilled craftsman in his own right, Dean is also brilliant at managing the whole installation.”

“He removed and disposed of the old kitchen with the minimum of upheaval and mess, acted as prime contractor for an excellent team of tradesmen and liaised closely with the kitchen supplier throughout, quickly resolving any issues which arose.”

“Both Dean and his team do quality work and are not happy until things are just as they should be. There is no rushing but plenty of care and thought.”

“Dean was great, he project managed the many trades that were needed and he even met the delivery driver with our hob on the motorway to get it so we didn’t have to wait until the end of the day.”

“Excellent work from Dean and his colleagues, their experience and attention to detail is impeccable.”

“During our kitchen installation, Dean was badly let down by a key supplier. This issue could have led to weeks of delays, but Dean and his team worked around the clock and came up with ways to get the job finished on time and still to an exceptionally high standard.”

We really could go on, but we think you get the gist. The common denominator in pretty much all the testimonials we get from customers is that the service is valued above all else.

It’s not just about getting a great kitchen

Getting a fantastic new kitchen, is of course the end goal but the experience of choosing your kitchen and having it installed is right up there too. Our MD, Dean, has been in the business long enough to understand how important this part of the process is and that’s why he does everything to make things go as smoothly as they can; managing tradespeople, liaising with suppliers, resolving issues, overseeing the installation himself, and even disposing of the old kitchen – because these are the things that people need to feel reassured about.

Could you get it cheaper dealing with these things yourself?

Probably. But do you need the hassle? Wouldn’t you rather have someone manage the whole process for you so it’s seamless? Do you really want to be taking kitchen units to the tip, or dealing with 4 or 5 different tradespeople and making sure they all come at the right time and do what they should? What if the wrong item comes? What if something doesn’t turn up when it’s supposed to? And so on.

A big installation like a new kitchen can be disruptive and stressful so that’s why a professional like Dean is so appreciated by our customers. Dean also designs our kitchens, so if you want to meet him and gauge whether he’s really as amazing as these customers seem to think, just book a design consultation and meet him yourself!