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Nah then, it’s Yorkshire Day dunt tha know!

POSTED ON 1st August 2022

Translation for non-Yorkshire folk: Good gracious, it’s Yorkshire Day today!

That’s right, today is Yorkshire Day where we celebrate everything that’s champion about God’s Own Country! We are proud to be a Yorkshire company, based in Wakefield and predominantly working within the Yorkshire County.

So what? You might say. After all, there are plenty of Yorkshire based kitchen companies vying for your attention. However, how many of them also install Yorkshire based kitchens? Quite a number of kitchen cabinets are manufactured outside the UK, especially the ones you buy flat packed. There can be price advantages to buying these kitchens but there can also be some compromise in terms of quality and in the impact on the planet.

Local kitchens for local folk

We are happy to report that there is still a demand for high quality and craftsmanship, manufactured locally. That’s why we supply Daval kitchens. Daval is based just down the road in Huddersfield, so we’re not even venturing outside the boundaries of West Yorkshire (though, of course, we can be tempted into the other Ridings to design and install kitchens for our more ‘exotic’ customers!

Daval manufacture their kitchens in Slaithwaite (the town with 3 names!) and are truly dedicated to British craftsmanship. They also source their wood from FSC Certified UK forests and make use of recycled woods because sustainability is incredibly important in these times of climate crisis.

Straight talking and an eye for value

One thing that we’re known for in Yorkshire is our straight talking. We won’t patronise you with sales patter. We just listen to what you tell us, design your kitchen, and give you a quote based on your budget. No hard sell, just no nonsense information, with a little inspiration.

As for cost, far be it from us to say people in these parts are tight, but we are known for our love of thrift. We won’t promise you a cheap kitchen (how’s that for straight talking?!) but we will give you great value because it will all be proper: intelligently designed, lovingly manufactured here in Yorkshire, and professionally installed.

So, if you want a Yorkshire kitchen, designed, made, and installed by Yorkshire people, get in touch and we’ll si’thee soon!

Call 01924 261036 or complete the form here to book a consultation.

Happy Yorkshire Day!