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Kitchen Trends Blog – October 2017

POSTED ON 1st October 2017

Getting the best from our kitchen gallery

Last month we revealed our brand new kitchen gallery, our online guide to the kinds of kitchens that we can offer you. It is designed to showcase our kitchens but more importantly, to allow you to search based on your own criteria.

We thought we would use our regular Kitchen Trends blog to show you in greater detail how best to use the gallery and explain why we think it’s one of the most responsive kitchen galleries out there.

Some people know exactly what they want. For example, they know that they want a very modern style, in a vibrant white, with a gloss finish, a breakfast bar and a granite worktop. Others are more open to ideas, they may think they like a contemporary feel with some open storage but they’re not sure about colour and think a range cooker would be nice. Some just know that they want it to be Shaker style but are not sure about colour. The gallery caters for all these people because we have categorised our kitchen photos by just about every feature we could think of. We then sub-divided by style, by range and by keyword. This means you can search based on any of these individual criteria and build up a collection of images to inspire you.

For example, if you think you’d like a breakfast bar just select breakfast bar from the Search By section and all the kitchen images we have with breakfast bars will be displayed.

Want open storage? Here you go…

Think an island unit would look good in your kitchen? Here’s a few that show what we can do:

Know you want a modern style but not sure beyond that? Take a look at all the modern kitchens on offer:

Spotted a range you like on the selections that you’ve already seen? All of the ranges can be selected from the range section as well as a brief description.

Need to look at the thumbnail images more closely? You can click on them to zoom and then simple click forwards and backwards to browse them at a larger size.

You can even build up a number of keywords by continuing to select them. All will be selected (highlighted in red) until you click the refresh icon.

Remember though, this gallery is not a complete representation of what we can offer. If you don’t see a Linea kitchen with a breakfast bar or a Portland kitchen in grey, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. All our kitchens are made to order so it would be impossible to truly represent everything that we can do but hopefully this new gallery gives you a really good idea.

Ready for your design consultation? Once you’ve browsed through the photos and got an idea of what you might be looking for, why not book a design consultation where we can show you exactly what you could have. Call us on 0800 321 3491 or request one here.