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Kitchen Trends Blog – November

POSTED ON 1st November 2017

Splicing kitchens: kitchen combos that look amazing

When you are designing a kitchen, you tend to think that you think about styles and colours, then you choose your kitchen and then you have it designed to work in the space you have. Of course, that is what usually happens, however have you ever considered incorporating not one but two kitchens into your design?

We all know that many kitchens have a range of colour options and these can be combined to great effect, however what we’re talking about here is combining components from two different kitchen ranges. With a bespoke kitchen you’re not limited to one ‘off the shelf’ kitchen, you can take the best elements from a couple of kitchens to create something that is unique to you.

Why would you want to combine two kitchens into one design?

There are a number of reasons you might want to do this:

1. To create distinct areas within the kitchen.

You may want an island unit that is very different in style to your wall units. You can play with styles, combining modern and traditional, or texture to create an overall feel that is very contemporary. A good example of this would be here where the Varenna in blonde wood is combined with the cool stone effect of the Langham kitchen in basalt.

2. To temper a more radical design

There are kitchen ranges that are very high impact and designed to make a big statement. Some are daring enough to commit to that throughout the whole kitchen space but some prefer to take elements of that high drama and tone it down slightly by combining with something more subtle. For many, the dark slate finish of the Langham would be too much but is set off beautifully by the simplistic, cool style of the Mayfair island unit in dust grey.

3. To play with perceptions

You can create wonderful visual trickery just by combining kitchens in a clever way. This combination of the soft, warm wood of the Varenna kitchen applied at the ends of the wall units and the ground level drawer units break up the modern sleek lines of the Mayfair in cashmere. The wood grain runs in horizontal lines while the edges of the cupboards on the Mayfair create a vertical line (while of course, in reality, all cupboards are vertical).

If you’re not sure how best to combine two kitchens or which will look good together, that’s something we can advise you on when we complete the design consultation, which is always free of charge. You can be even more daring than this, how about matching traditional Amberley with super modern Camden or Shaker style Portland with smooth Salcombe?

You can find further inspiration on our interactive kitchen gallery.

For further information on combining kitchens or any other aspect of designing a kitchen give us a call on 0800 321 3491 or request an appointment.