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Kitchen Trends Blog - December

POSTED ON 1st December 2017

Open plan kitchens – pros and cons

At this very social time of the year, the issue of how we use the space in our homes becomes all the more important. The kitchen is one of the most central spaces in the house at this time of the year – not literally but certainly in terms of the things we like to do at Christmas – cooking, baking, eating, entertaining etc. Therefore, in the last kitchen trends blog of the year we’re looking at open plan kitchens and examining the pros and the cons of opening your kitchen out.

Open plan kitchens – the pros

People do seem to love open plan kitchens. They have been very much in fashion for a number of years and show no sign of falling out of favour at the moment. In fact, in a recent survey on interior design website Houzz, 840 voted in favour of an open plan kitchen versus just 230 who prefer separate spaces. So, why do people love them?

Open plan kitchens – the cons

While extremely popular, open plan kitchens are not for everyone. Here are some of the cons you need to consider:

Sold on open plan? Here are our best tips

If you think open plan is for you and you have two suitable rooms that you can combine together then here are a few things to think about (and will resolve some of the cons listed above)

Let us help

We have to be honest, we get asked to open spaces up far more than close them up so looks like the consensus is still for open plan living. We have lots of experience in combining kitchens with dining rooms, snugs and living rooms and we can give you creative inspiration as well as practical, structural advice!

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