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Kitchen Trends 2023

POSTED ON 12th December 2022

10 kitchen design features people are looking for in the coming year

Kitchen design is always evolving. Often trends are cyclical and come round again and again, and sometimes they surprise even us (and we’ve been in this industry a long time). Based on what we know manufacturers are already working on, what our customers are asking for, and the buzz around the industry and design media in general, these are 10 kitchen design trends you could be seeing much more of in 2023.

1. Warmer Tones

The brash and bold is making way for warmer tones this year. This is manifesting in warmer woods, soft shades in painted cabinets, and even the whites are moving to ‘warm’ rather than ‘brilliant’.

The Henley kitchen in a warm off-white

2. Pattern and Colour

While tones are softer, there is still a place for pattern. This will often be in the form of wallpaper or splashbacks and there is even a growing desire for more textiles in the kitchen, such as swapping blinds for curtains and fabric panels behind glass cupboard doors. The advantage of trends like this is that they can be easily changed.

3. Non-standard Cabinet Colours

We have had painted kitchens for many years now, so we’re used to seeing blues and greens, as well as dramatic blacks and dark greys. In 2023, the demand for softer shades will see more unusual colours being applied to cabinetry that you may not have seen so much, such as pinks, mauves, and heathers.

4. Non-standard Finishes

Finishes such as stone, granite, and slate will be seen much more. They can either be used in small sections, such as an island unit or features cabinets, or applied throughout for a bold, almost industrial, look.

The Renzo kitchen in Artstone finish

5. Mix and Match Counters

Counter tops can be used to good effect contrasting with cabinets, but they often tend to be pretty uniform throughout the kitchen. In 2023. We’re going to see much more mixing and matching of counter materials. They can be used for simple visual contrast or to differentiate zones, such as food preparation, eating, socialising etc.

The Varenna kitchen 

6. Pantries

This is definitely a trend that has been around before (think as far back as the ‘50s and ‘60s!) but pantries are making a big comeback. Pantries can range from a walk-in food cupboard to something like a day pantry with cold shelf and storage or a drinks cabinet that can be hidden away.

The Linton kitchen with day pantry

7. More Drawers, Fewer Cupboards

Many kitchens tend to be a few drawers and mostly cupboards but, actually, drawers at lower level are much more functional as you can see what’s in there much more easily. The balance is shifting then to design in more drawers than cupboards at this lower level. And, with some clever storage solutions within the drawers to keep things organised, they are incredibly practical.

The Bramham kitchen with drawer organiser

8. Painted Island Units

For those who like the idea of primarily neutral colours but want a splash of something more vibrant, a painted island unit could be what you are looking for. We expect to see more of these and have already installed some. A pop of something bold on the island makes it a real feature of the kitchen.

The Modena kitchen with painted island unit

9. Tweaked Traditional

Cabinetry like Shaker style has been around for years, but some new designs are taking the essence of these classic features and just tweaking them a little by narrowing the rails or using them to divide tall doors up, creating a look of wood panelling.

The Bramham kitchen with tall, half width Shaker rails

10. Sustainability

Not a visual design trend but something that many people are demanding when replacing a kitchen. Choosing a kitchen with ethical credentials is a great way of offsetting the carbon footprint of disposing of old kitchens (see more here) plus, in an energy crisis, we all want solutions that will help us reduce consumption so that could mean better choices such as smart appliances.

Looking for something different in 2023?

A New Year is often when start thinking about home renovation projects. If you are considering a new kitchen in 2023, book a design consultation and we can help you define exactly what it is you want from a kitchen. Contact us to make an appointment.