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Featured Kitchen: Renzo

POSTED ON 20th April 2022

The kitchen with a conscience

We have recently talked about considering sustainability when choosing a new kitchen. If that is something that is important to you then the Renzo kitchen could tick all your boxes.

Range name: Renzo
Manufacturer: Daval
Style: Modern
Finish: Various wood styles and painted  

All about the Renzo kitchen

The Renzo is truly a kitchen for modern times. It’s built to last a long time and manufactured here in West Yorkshire, but most notably, every door in the range is made from 100% recycled wood. You may think that an environmentally-responsible manufacturing choice would compromise your options for finish, but this is quite the opposite: it features some truly contemporary materials, which can be combined for dramatic effect.

Colours and Finishes

No two Renzo kitchens need ever be the same as choices include Charred Japanese Wood, Character Oak Tobacco, and Artstone in White Grey and Quartz Grey, which is a raw textured concrete effect finish. These industrial materials can be combined with Mayfair units; painted woods in soft colours such as greens and greys that lift and provide contrast to the dark and dramatic tones of the woods. Glass doors can also be included to break up the solidity of the lines.

Renzo kitchen finishes

Who would choose a Renzo kitchen?

The Renzo is for people who enjoy industrial modernity with a sense of drama. Its environmental credentials satisfy anyone looking for sustainability.


Here are some examples of the ways you can mix up the textures and finishes to create something very unique.

Renzo kitchen

Renzo kitchen

Renzo kitchen

Renzo kitchen


Like what you see?

We’d be happy to talk you through the entire Renzo range and show you exactly how it could work in your home. Book a free consultation or call 01924 261036 to get started.

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