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Featured Kitchen: Langham/Varenna

POSTED ON 25th May 2022

An anti-bacterial kitchen?

Of all the rooms of the house, there are few that are more important to keep clean than kitchens and bathrooms. Due to a heightened appreciation of the importance of cleanliness and infection control, due to the covid pandemic, it's no wonder that the ability to keep a kitchen clean is now appearing on many new kitchen wish lists.

We have already written about the different design choices you can make when planning a kitchen to make it easier to keep clean (see the Cut Down on Kitchen Cleaning with Clever Design blog), which suggests things like minimal lines and no handles, but this kitchen takes hygiene to the next level.

It’s actually a combination of two kitchens – Langham and Varenna. Combined, these styles offer harmony in style – both minimal in nature - but contrast in material – shown here with a combination of Blonde Wood and Basalt Stone.

Range name: Langham/Varenna

Manufacturer: Daval

Style: Contemporary

Finish: Wood and stone effect

All about the Langham/Varenna kitchen

Contrast works well in a kitchen. You can create contrast in colour, style, and finish and this combination shows how you can create a fascinating tactile, textural contrast by juxtaposing different material effects but harmonising on style. The blonde wood of the Varenna with its horizontal grain and muted tone gives a soft, warm feel, while the stone basalt finish of the Langham kitchen gives an industrial edge.

Colours and Finishes

The Varenna kitchen is available in a variety of wood grains, including the neutral Blonde Wood, as shown through to the dramatic, smoky Cuban Oak. Langham, on the other hand, offers a stone-effect finish of swirling grey Basalt Stone or the brooding tones of Slate Stone, or as a painted finish in Beige or Grey Silk.

Varenna kitchen finishes

Langham kitchen stone finishes

However, this kitchen’s advantages go way beyond the aesthetic. The doors’ finish is anti-bacterial, anti-fingerprint, and anti-scratch, which means it’s resistant to marks and damage and is really easy to keep clean and hygienic – and that’s exactly what you need in a kitchen.


 Langham and Varenna kitchen combination

Langham and Varenna kitchen combination

Langham and Varenna kitchen combination


Like what you see?

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