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Cut down on kitchen cleaning with clever design

POSTED ON 27th April 2022

Little design hacks you can incorporate when planning a new kitchen

Kitchens tend to be the hub of the home, where multiple activities take place. Because of this, and of course because it’s where food preparation takes place, it also tends to be the room you have to spend the most time cleaning – and that’s nobody’s favourite job!

But what if we told you, there are certain things you can do when planning your next kitchen that will cut down on the cleaning? Just by making some clever design decisions you can minimise the manual labour and avoid many of the unsightly marks and stains that can blight your lovely new fitted kitchen.

Here are a few things to think about:

1. Minimal lines = minimal cleaning

Choose flat fronted cupboards, rather than something like a Shaker style door so there are fewer horizontal surfaces for dirt to accumulate. They are also easier to glide a cloth over when you do clean them.

Renzo kitchen

Renzo Range - see more here

2. Go matt rather than gloss

While it might seem gloss finish doors are easier to wipe over due to their super smooth surface (and they probably are), you will find that they show fingerprints more readily. A silk or matt finish won’t show marks in the same way so won’t need wiping over every day.

3. Handle-less could mean ‘crumb-full’

You do get a very modern, streamlined look with a flat fronted door so handle-less may be the obvious choice but be wary of cut out pulls (where there is a groove cut into the top elevation of the door to grip and open) as these can gather crumbs and other kitchen detritus. You could still have handle-less with a push open, or you could opt for handles.

4. Stop scrubbing splashback stains

The splashback behind your oven and cupboards is expected to bear the brunt of cooking splashes and spills – the clue is in the name! However, not all splashbacks are created equal in terms of ease of cleaning. Tiles tend to be the most popular material, and of course they wipe clean, but you will find yourself having to scrub stains from the grout – especially if it’s white. Using a larger tile will minimise the amount of grout you have to deal with, but a single piece glass, perspex, or marble splashback has no such issue. A patterned one will also disguise minor splashes and spills better until you get around to wiping it. See more kitchen splashback ideas here.

Camden Kitchen

Camden Range - see more here.

5. Make work surfaces work for you

You will probably always have to wipe your work surfaces every day, there’s no real way of getting around that. However, some worktop materials are easier to clean – and less likely to stain – than others. Wood looks amazing as a worktop but because it is a porous material with natural grain, it can harbour tiny particles and stain more easily. Very smooth, non-porous materials such as quartz, Corian, or even steel, are seamless so are easier to clean and less likely to mark.

Finsbury kitchen

Finsbury Range - see more here.

6. Shelve the shelves

Open display shelving looks fabulous, especially with all your lovely kitchenware or food stuffs arranged beautifully, but being open it will, naturally, gather dust and any other particles floating around in the air (eg pollen, pet hair, even germs and bacteria). It would be more hygienic to have cupboard fronts throughout the kitchen but if you want to still have some items on display, you could opt for some glass fronted cupboards. These can look very modern and stylish and not like your gran’s old display cabinet!

Garda kitchen with glass fronted doors

Garda Range - see more here.

7. Keep your bins close

The further your bin is from your food prep area, the more potential there is to drop bits transporting it over there. Ideally, have an integrated bin placed in the unit below where you do your chopping, peeling, and slicing. You can then simply open the drawer and swipe the waste into it. It’s also more streamlined to keep the bin hidden away.

Kitchen bins under sink

8. Integrate your appliances

Appliances tucked behind doors mean there’s less opportunity to accumulate dirt around buttons and doors. An electric or induction hob is also much easier to clean than a gas one as it’s just a smooth surface to wipe over.

Varenna kitchen

Varenna Range - see more here.

Some of these points make small gains and, of course, you need to incorporate your aesthetic choices as well but if cutting down on the cleaning in the kitchen is a top priority, these ideas are really worth considering!

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