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Create social space in your kitchen

POSTED ON 19th April 2022

A place to put the world to rights over a cuppa

21st April 2022 is National Tea Day. The event celebrates the various types of tea but also the cultural connotations of tea drinking. We are a nation of tea drinkers in the UK and there is a very sociable aspect to tea that delivers as many benefits as the anti-oxidants and powers of revival in the drink itself. After all, what’s the first question we tend to ask visitors when they come round: generally, it’s “would you like a cuppa?”. It’s often the premise for inviting people round: “Pop in for a brew and we’ll put the world to rights”.

We think the best conversations are had around the kitchen table, over a cup of tea. Obviously, you can enjoy a cup of Earl Grey or good old builders’ tea in your living room, but a kitchen can feel more relaxed and informal, and that can really help conversation flow.

Designing social space into your kitchen

Given the huge value of talking and connecting with people, we would really advocate building in some social space when planning your kitchen. It’s not only great for inviting friends and family over for some ‘Tea Therapy’, but also somewhere for people within the household to gather for end of day debriefs while cooking dinner or lingering after a meal over a hot drink.

A social space doesn’t require a huge space

A large dining table or island unit is perfect for chewing the fat around, but you don’t need a huge kitchen to incorporate some kind of seating area. This could be in the form of a breakfast bar and it’s amazing how clever kitchen design can maximise space and build in elements you may not think were feasible.

People chatting in a kitchen

National Tea Day takes place on Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday each year to allow people to replicate a very royal tradition, but we actually feel that the everyday familiar routine of tea drinking and sharing a cuppa and a biscuit with a friend or loved one is the real beauty of tea, and it’s that that is worth celebrating.

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