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A very satisfied customer!

POSTED ON 16th November 2015

New customer testimonial too big for our review page

We usually post the customer comments that we receive on our review page, however this one that we received at the weekend was just too long! Unfortunately, the design of the page doesn’t support such a lengthy appraisal so we’ve featured an abridged version on there but it was such a wonderful review we felt it should be reproduced in full somewhere and so here it is.

Alan and Catherine, from Wakefield, bought a kitchen from us after finding our website. They liked it so much they recommended us to their next door neighbours and they bought one as well!

This is what they said:

“Dean and 3Style Kitchens are unusual when it comes to companies; for from the moment you meet him until the end (and indeed beyond) of the project you are left in no doubt that they are intent on making the project work for you. We were immediately put at ease by Dean who couldn't have been more helpful.  To put it simply, it's about what you want, no matter how small or big the budget is, not what the company thinks you should have.

This approach extends beyond the "sale" and into the fitting of the kitchen. For, Dean and the rest of 3Style Kitchens are a rare breed when it comes to tradesmen; they are there on time, each and every time, make the minimum of mess and always strive to deliver the best possible service. This for us as a family was vital given that we have two young children.

Yet, perhaps more importantly is the quality of the product and workmanship which is second to none. From the removal of the kitchen and, in our case, the wall to the fitting of new lights and kitchen, we could not fault the quality. 

So, would we recommend 3Style Kitchens? Yes and we already have. Our neighbours were so impressed with the approach, delivery and product that they too have had a kitchen fitted. If you are like us and sceptical about these type of reviews, please feel to ask Dean for our details. We will happily tell you ourselves. “

Thank you to Alan and Catherine for such lovely feedback. If you would like to take them up on their offer to back their review up in person then just get in touch!