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A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Black & Grey

POSTED ON 18th May 2014

Black is the new white, or possibly grey. We can’t boast 50 shades but we can be dark, brooding and mysterious with our range of kitchens available in these dramatic colour schemes.

Modern Black & Grey Kitchens

The Lucido and Image kitchens in black represent the height of modernity and feel very masculine and dramatic. High gloss finish, chrome and granite all add to the effect.

Contemporary Black & Grey Kitchens

The Avola kitchen in grey demonstrates that these darker kitchens can still have a degree of softness and can be practical in a family kitchen while still offer style and a wow factor.

You can browse these and other Black & Grey kitchens in our Kitchens by Colour gallery. For help planning your kitchen why not book a consultation?

1 Response to "A closer look at our Kitchens by Colour: Black & Grey"

I have designed 3 kithnecs now, from the ground up and it is an awful lot of work and every time I finished, I saw something that I wished I had done differently. But the feeling of accomplishment is great!I can't decide between the first and the second photos..I am in the smallest kitchen I have had .. maybe ever.. so I am loving all those surfaces to put things and do things.And the light .. that wonderful light !I love this blog and seem to be slightly addicted ~

Danila - 29th February 2016

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